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Many SPARCK projects involve artist residencies. These are not residencies in the typical sense of the word, however: invitations to artists to come spend a set amount of time in a centralised, dedicated space. Our residencies are more fluid and distinctly less predictable than most.

All SPARCK residencies revolve around a core set of themes set out in SPARCK´s NET/WORKS programme (download from our About SPARCK page). Around these themes, the SPARCK team develops projects and invites artists to propose projects of their own in cities across the world. Conversations follow between the artists and team, in person and electronically. Once all agree to collaborate, more extensive discussions begin around subject matter, media, approaches and goals, as well as practical aspects, from schedule to living arrangements and on-site documentation. The business of making it all work - thematically and logistically - is a joint effort. Artist agency and active engagement with the daily life of the residency city are essential. During, and in most cases after the project, the conversation continues.

It is not unusual for a truly engaged and rich residency to birth a follow-up project (further work, an installation, a tour, a publication). Sometimes this is with SPARCK, sometimes it involves other partners, met during or as a result of the residency. Whenever we can facilitate such organic extensions with other programmes or organisations, we do: SPARCK’s goal is to participate in networks. We do not seek to create networks from scratch; nor are we interested in operating from a centre-stage position. We seek rather to build bridges with like-minded endeavours and actors, to join and contribute to conversations in progress across the continent.

Clichéd visions of Africa speak of a continent stagnating. We disagree and strive to challenge such notions through our projects. The African world is alive with emergent, experimental and inspired grassroots networks. SPARCK’s purpose is to partner with the most engaged of these networks and with the individuals they bring together.

  • Diary of a Paranoid Schizophrenic   ( 6 Articles )


    DiArY oF a PaRaNoiD sChIzOpHrENiC

           SPARCK's first resident artist KaKuDJi in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa (March | April 2009)
    KaKuDJi, premier artiste résidant SPARCK, se rend à Johannesburg et Cape Town, Afrique du Sud (mars | avril 2009)
  • Ground | Overground | Underground   ( 4 Articles )

          Mowoso Profile


    Congolese collective Mowoso travels through time-space from Kinshasa via Mbandaka to Mikili (July | August 2009)

    Collectif congolais Mowoso voyage à travers le temps et l’espace - Kinshasa à Mikili via Mbandaka (juillet | août 2009)

  • Neoliberal Machine   ( 6 Articles )

    The EzaOKUP collective weds in Kinshasa (July 2009 and July 2010)
    Le collectif EzaOKUP se marie à Kinshasa (juillet 2009 et juillet 2010)

  • WiAiA - Word into Art into Africa   ( 2 Articles )


    WiAiA - Word into Art into Africa

    3 writers' interventions in Lagos, Kinshasa and Dakar (2009 - 2011)
    3 interventions d’écrivains à Lagos, Kinshasa et Dakar (2009 - 2011)

  • South-South Conversations   ( 6 Articles )



    A series South-South Conversations between Africa and its sister continents in the so-caled Global South (2010|2011)

    Une serie de conversations Sud/Sud entre l'Afrique et les Suds 2010/2011)




  • Photographic Journeys   ( 4 Articles )


    A 6-part | 6-city | 9 artist residency project that challenges preconceived notions about "informal", "parallel" and otherwise undervalued economies. Nigeria | Senegal | DRC | Asia | sister continents of the global South (2009 - 2011)

    Une résidence de 6 chapitres, 6 villes et 9 artistes qui met à mal les idées préconçues des économies dites "informelles" ou "parallèles". Nigeria | Sénégal | RDC | villes d’Asie et du Sud plus largement, nœuds de la globalisation au 3ème millénaire (2009 - 2011)

  • Totems   ( 6 Articles )


    Hervé Youmbi and his Totems in Dakar, Johannesburg, Cotonou, Kinshasa and New York (2010 | 2011)
    Les Totems d'Hervé Youmbi à Dakar, Johannesburg, Cotonou, Kinshasa et New York (2010 | 2011)

  • Malewa - Urban Sceno Dakar 2012   ( 3 Articles )









    MALEWA  - URBAN SCENO 2012 | 2013

    Méga Mingiedi and Androa Mindre bring Kinshasa to Dakar as part of an international, multi-participant residency titled Urban Scenographies (2012 | 2013)

    Mega Mingiedi et Androa Mindre imaginent Kinshasa à Dakar, lors des Scénographies Urbaines (2012 | 2013), une résidence internationale à laquelle participent 25 créateurs venus du monde entier